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portion of feces about a loopful is thoroughly emulsified in ten cubic

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urine has ever escaped from this opening and the probe which enters the

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Related Actions by the Board of Human Resources The

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unhealthy suppurations and local sloughings which are set up

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This is not to be taken as a reflection upon the pres

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adoption by this Department of that classification for the

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Bbaun a case of vaginismus successfully treated by amputation of

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at the point of transition into the infmidibular passages and the

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whom any radical operation is impossible or inadvisable

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account of the enormous advances which the subject of

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process might stop at this stage causing the dry or plastic type

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pathically. I have known of cases being treated surgically which is

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appears to have been an actual decrease in the deaths

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a period of sixteen hours failed to relieve the condition on

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we may have fever of purely nervous orgin without any

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only just possible. Sensation was considerably affected. There was pain

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the uuft rtunate female about to become a mother ap

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are only audible with the stethoscope and from experience gained from

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studv here presj nted is based therefore on an analysis of ISTI

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is often followed by an efflorescence more or less diffused similar to Erythema

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sive practice. lie was appointed Dentist in Ordinary to

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Dr. H. Chatellier of Paris France has recently recommended it in

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countries the same powerful sun which in India help us so

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the dried condition it resists sunlight for twelve days and sometimes

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consulting a regularly licensed practitioner is told

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These three forms are capable of numerous variations.

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