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according to Donders method to determine the amount of

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chophony as in the second stage of croupous pneumonia. Still it is nearly

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mitted to ooze and discharge unrestrained by dressing or

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allowed to settle and was washed three times the fluid being decanted

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he wants to drink. The room should be darkened as light is

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son s patient by introducing the various substances to be tested through

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the ink particles are adsorbed by cell elements so as to form round

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bard tense painless and seemed not to interfere with the animal.

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peared. Eleven cases of sexual precocity associated

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closed by means of a specially high sill or by an accurately fitting

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by the fingers of the operator and the use of levers or elevators

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to allude is that in which the necrosis is strictly limited to

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well in other States. This matter would be referred to the

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Diseases of the Eye was the first to publish an example

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its being unique certainly cases of this type infre

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Eound worms inhabit the upper part of the bowels. They are

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dejecta are purulent and foetid the patient wastes and finally succumbs.

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tected by a wooden spatula or a piece of leather drawn

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food in moderation excluding all sweets effervescent wines and beer

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Definition. Jaundice due to swelling and obstruction of the terminal por

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so long avert the appearance of cyanosis and dropsy in valvular disease

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iting in fatal cases is generally very persistent and towards the ter

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hours. During the afternoon and evening the ethyl odor

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millimetres diameter which represents the normal calibre of the

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without discomfort to the patient without struggling and with a much

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Evacuations of Blood from Stomach and Bowels produced by irritation of

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plication of smelling salts or inhalation of ammonia from a bottle

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toms. In the paralyzed section fa cal matters go on col

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subacute stage which is generally exemplified in the tissues.

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downwards as ftrongly as before tho by a contrary and more power

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Branch Registrars. Each of the Branch Registrars shall keep a Re

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King s methods by thigh pressure were described. For

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Diseases of the mastoid are seldom primary but generally

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affected with spermatorrhoea is from that circumstance more liable

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observed in sections taken from the least affected bones. It

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Burghard. For a time the relief was great but he gradually

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