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motor parietal occipital and temporal regions it is also connected with

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men taking on themsehes the responsibilities of the Council

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we wish to avoid the inconrenience of drawing the soft parts

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The internal rotators of the thigh are Tensor vaginae

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quite satisfied that this is not only unnecessary but is also

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attack and rarely disappears or even diminishes in a

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small amounts where the claim is too insignificant to

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variety. The following case for which I have to thank Professor

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Thrush is observed most frequently in the mouth and on the palate but

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ration in the diagrams Figs. to inclusive and Fig. and the

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intermittently from three to five seconds at a spurt.

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extravasations in the lumen of the sweat glands. The cutaneous affwti

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body or head the pain following the course of some sensory

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vocations of industry agriculture and metal work can bel

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a walnut covered with normal skin and containing an

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increases the already great exhaustion and may even lead to a

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our discussion those minor infectious ailments such as chicken pox

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with the weight and chest measurement of the individual. Thus

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more sTthan the calf or peronei. RD was present. There

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sure of mm. such periods followed the apnea at a height cor

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tion of a plaster of Paris jacket carried low enough to

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sion. About four ounces of urine were then withdrawn at

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or five days the skin became pale and the desquamation nearly ceased.

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of whom has his own standard in matters of observa

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The early settlers annually suffered seriously from aatmnnal

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wards towards the nervous centres and thence by a reflex pro

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Alcohol obtunds sensitiveness and deadens pain. Alcohol brings

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the question of the morbid anatomy could not be determined with any degree

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gastroptosis and enteroptosis in the female sex demands that

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lows within or days. In exceptional cases these abscesses

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nucleus. He states that every cell thus stained is permanently

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body who wishes to be refreshed and invigorated should

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doubt exists. It is probably the most insidious and

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numerous hospital trains received and inspected along the way

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Since the thyroid gland of the patient is absent or functionless it follows

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spiritueux tl essences par la m thode h raolytique. Bull

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