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It was found that while it may be possible for some bac

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of the nervous system and many of the simpler diagnostic

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where the effusion is often very large the operation gives great relief. It

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owing to my knowledge of his case that I ventured to recommend

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irritation is avoided and an opportunity offered for the

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Medical associations formed for the purpose of redres.sing

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these circumstances violent purgatives such as elaterium in full

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liable to result from the prolonged application of water thereto

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lium of the gastric surface and well differentiated oxyntic and

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The horse was weighed four times during this period and the

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clusions were arrived at one being that there was an actual

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by itself as an independent and pecnliar branch of knowl

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called again in haste the infant having fallen against a stove

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due to atheromatous changes no permanent improvement can be expect

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women aged thirty six years. In one diabetes tleveloped during

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spinal fluid examinations is undoubted. The value of negative

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paper chalk starch hair and clay. The dirt eaters of the Southern States

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a good speaker and while his lectures lacked breadth

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