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tion of these glands in which the glands are felt as hard
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be placed among those of the benefactors of the human race. He
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in No. the fifth pair traces of the vagi and the oculo motor
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to memory for examination purposes. It gives an account of
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parts of the body and the blood to any great extent.
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dosed stimulation of the nucleus or the nerve may cause
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than ever before learning a most practical lesson in
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new law to a whole country and suggested that notifi
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on the charge of falsifying records at the Sydenham
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saturate the soil in which the well supplying the house is excavated.
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ciliary processes in it and the iris being adherent to the
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Board of Admissions after inspection by official representatives of the Univer
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opening the peritoneum I carefully separated the adherent bowel
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The following summary will place before the society at one view the
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apparently a part of an extensive and comprehensive
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In several Nos. of the London Lancet for this year are re
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be the mortality as J. William White of Philadelphia
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Hospital there have been cases of apoplexy i. e. patients suffering
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the eastern department and his station was to be at Fish
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hered so firmly that it was diflicult to separate the two
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Royal College of Surgeons by T. Pickering Pick upon
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Although sterilization of the seat of operation has
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proceedings of the British Pharmaceutical Congress held
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and in succession I cannot recall more than three in an attack during
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died at length of some obscure disease of pulmonary
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dred and forty eight. Every successive year has shown some
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Development of Carcinoma in the Cicatrix after Ovariotomy.
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lead to embolism in various organs which may be followed by
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one should remember the neck as a privileged region and
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any serious interference with respiration. The tracheotomy was
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neck under the ear or on the left breast over the heart itself.

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