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ous to the aqueous chamber. From an anatomical study of seven

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tem bears the brunt and is in fact the seat of the disease.

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respirations were rapid. When admitted to the clinic the

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leg preceded and accompanied by headache vertigo flashes of

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ated by tropical heat but the statement is incorrect it would seem

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ance such as this could affect one set of cells and leave the

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numerous. Further it is not impossible that at times even the inter

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country and from distant towns who were present to offer respect in

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by cutting with the bistoury or tonsillotome by enucleation or by

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features of high pressure pulse and laboring heart may

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tion and lasted from five to twenty four hours and that

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aldson Smith a physician from Philadelphia was prepar

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can change or be maintained. According to Bourdieu representations and practices are

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or their physical defects. One practises phlebotomy to excess

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early unless the disease assumes a malignant form and is ac

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Impressions from practice appear to confirm the fact that improperly

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that they kept him from school. Two years ago he was

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Pain besides the headache is most frequently referred

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year interval between the twelfth and the present thir

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ance but whether this is produced by the relaxed state of and

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vacuated. A full term uterus was evident. Thirty hours later

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facies compounded of the organic sadness and dull cere

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but that something more is necessary is evidenced by the

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food. The substitution of the article known as mat

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then show more of the motor perversion of a brain and cord

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the fees for the lectures required bj the Colleges of Physi

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fact that a study of the acidity of the urine often yields good

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says it is probably insignificant and differs in its

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effects of diltiazem and verapamil

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