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Spiller. The symptoms may begin with bulbar palsy Dejerine Leyden

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breathing was rather slow his pulse his heart acting with a

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this fistula. I do not see the necessity for separating the stomach nor

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those with fairly pronounced psychic disturbances depending per

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the face in making the applications sparingly and in gradually

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Calcium hypochlorite in sterilization amination of. Colon congenital idiopathic dilation of

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have remained consistently low ever since. Congressman Clark who was

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Fig.. Curves showing variations in alveolar gas tensions after forced breathing for two

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and weak animals usually react with less intensity than robust

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principles which should govern the construction of an

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Emaciation was rapid and continuous. The tumour remained fixed in

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of a candidate such an hj pothesis will probably be considered

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under the cicatrix with a marked depression cm. i inch in length

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Two or three columnar cames were lacerated and the thin portion nf

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teries especially of those of the base which belong to the terminal

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ulations in the soft parts of longer or shorter stand

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them the following is found The exudate contains numerous large

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the material of his suture from silk to silver wire that he

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of injury a verdict was returned in about thirty min

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tients the results of the test did not agree with the con

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come to believe that any attempt in the light of pres

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named and their influence vaguely defined. Is it not

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mission has done much to win the way of the mission

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seeing such splendid preparations. It was impossible to

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on from the capillaries towards the heart. Graves. a few

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over by Mr. Scale the senior Practitioner in the borough who is himself

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physical signs of pleurisy with effusion were present.

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through. The operator being ably aided by his colleagues

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to ascertain as exactly as possible the situation the

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all irritated conditions of the intestinal mucous membrane and

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Camphor and give a teaspoonful to a dose repeating every three

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Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever by the Aid of the Microscope

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