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the history of the case or the present state of the patient all
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by increasing the dimensions of the forehead. But even to this
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caused. A marked degree of oxidation would interfere with the play
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Mr. Robert S. Weston of Boston stated that other ques
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extensible than that of the skin. The mons veneris the hairs which
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cure. Kussmaul recommends internal and external application of the f aradic
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fpruce beer. I had fo high an opinion of this medicine in the
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impeded discharge of milk. By some cause or other soreness or a bad
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an animal is soon lost. Hence when a wound in a horse made
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nephritis should be worn. Tobacco and alcohol are not permissible but the
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tetanus survive when treated at once with antitetanic serum. In
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chona powder so called might be obtained for ten cents per pound.
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the best education his means justified for his sons at
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true cause of death but when the patient recovers it
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Clinical Center Building lOA Room E NIH Bethesda Maryland
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trephined. The case will we are informed be shortly jjub
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pheral blood all the time because it may not be closely attached
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also be recorded and the amnion carefully inspected. British Medical
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sion into a foreign body by its detachment and third its expulsion
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laid not in the hospital hut in the laboratory in a true
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appearance oi the disease closelj resembles thai of solid
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who died in Cheyenne about the first of August and until his
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namely a pain in the chest complete dullness on percussion and
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haemorrhage which had occurred shortly before death. The
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The next step in the development of this nervous anomaly is
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the rapid changes of five ten and fifteen years there are many
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made the following statement in the St. Louis Medical and Sur
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port of his faith the innumerable instances of self
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profession generally and the public at large recognize this so
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der to nearly the low er margin of the pectoral mus
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but one case recorded that gives the number of ulcers
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arranged. Inasmuch however as each hepatic lobule is sup
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read appointing Robert Charles Home Esq. Member of the
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returning and that notwithstanding he persisted in passing
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Typhoid fever can usually be discovered by the history of
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