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carbuncles muscular fatigue cataract erythema of the vulva and of the

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only more stimulants and oftener applied. Give acetanilide i dram and

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Johnston of Johannesburg invited me to see in consul

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ation was performed on account of gangrene in hernia

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ated upon at this situation the intestine is clamped

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in the arthritic or gouty a medication favoring incom.plete nutrition or

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yellowish in color. Confined to bed by an attack of

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not advanced in years or has not had stricture for a long

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this drawing is from the mucous membrane of the sheep the same

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moving small quantities of fluid. In the case of abscesses

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on Mock Nurses in which he exposed the conduct of some

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closure of wounds and recovery from the anesthetic died

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and it varies from orange to brown in colour. These granules

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others with respect to size. If a part really obtain an addition of

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tion when there is liability to infection leads to a

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columnar in character. The cellular infiltration re

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existence of a general peritonitis. I immediately decided upon

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excessive depletion or the depressing effects of violent mercurial courses

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in which they reside are able to accelerate chemical

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laryngeal mucous membrane presents a decidedly pale

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If all medicines could be administered in the form of hypodermic

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Clinical Studies on the Respiration IV. The Vital Capacity of the

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giving small doses of the serum proving as it were.

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But we believe that for a right minded man it can only

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resembling the colon bacillus are also present in small numbers.

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annual report of the New York State Commission in Lu

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founded with the others. Dr. Tripier has examined a great number of patients

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Five years later the patient wrote to me saying that she had enjo

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organs as well as to the respiratory tract In malarial districts I have

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