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nique of application of the electrodes. In the lower
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slowly on account of greater resistance produces a second elevation more or
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cago which I am ashamed to use on account of this diversity of
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divided through trauma particularly resulting from accidental injuries
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lieve the often excessively painful sensations. The io
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is again summoned to relieve the sulFering horse only to find a
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the service in which he has been upwards of fifty years.
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is and what is not diphtheria. Many cases of exudative tonsilitis
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are much swollen. Purulent foci arc generally evident r
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tion of. In Constantinople it has generally reached its acme
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chest films and nasal cultures that showed growth of As
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no less exempt from other diseases of the respiratory organs.
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lactate exerted a strong influence in the control of
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ataxy. Whether the paths through which information is given to
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the soft palate and the prevertebral muscles considerably augmented in
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the posterior tibial nerve which is at first on its inner

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