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platinum wires and the corresponding negative vari

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Address correspondence to Ms Gartrell Manuscript Department. Duke Univer

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range of the lower degree of tachycardia and there is

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Anaxagoras had said that adaptation to function disproves

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The management of smallpox epidemics is discussed on page.

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one of the most troublesome symptoms of the disease a frequent

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hysterical neurasthenia is always thus easily amenable

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absorption by a self devotion. losing their life to find it.

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The patient died on st December within two months of

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phasis should be on an adequate history particularly of

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versible and must therefore obey the laws of mass action see page

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The first experiment was arranged to determine the fact of the sur

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mechanical effect of a weight placed anteriorly would

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even the laity appreciate the significance of an obstinate cough.

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ment of ulcers of mucous membranes. It is l elieved

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pain by any violent exertions of our mufcles or organs of fenfe

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tions thus conceived The Society considers isolation illusory when at

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lish it in the fullest detail in the August issue. Secretary Muncc

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membrane attended at first by a thin discharge which subsequently

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the active competition of numerous rivals of high and va

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meningitis in a home for children those affected were found to be suffering

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height of an epidemic of enteric disease he finds an undue

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Eurone to stud methods and management in various hospitals.

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mains that was caused by the action of the lead. After all the

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where there is great soreness on pressure with or without

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