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for a period of nearly two months. The following statement

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away from home as being not only useless and often cruel

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the latter case an operation was earnestly and unani

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afford some relief. This also should be begun six or eight weeks previous

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stages of the disease. Hoffman failed in three trials

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loud but frequent. During the last months she had been losing

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I was requested by Dr. Tunaley on January to visit with

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regards its cause and of great rarity. Very few have

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that it had been a rare opportunity for himself and

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and children vaccination health and sanitary inspections and medical

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red pigment. The Bacillus violaceus a water bacterium sometimes

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stand at as aggregates of rhombs which contain no water of crystal

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always with the addition of discipline in the working

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greater number of bacilli contained in phthisical sputum

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