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rarest of them all and that was in cases of tubal rupture

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of the ligaments and destruction of the joint surfaces.

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now forms a chapter of the work. The author is very

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force. calories oxygen required pints. The fiber and calo

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anaemia uterine inertia and so on. All my cases were

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He asked that a committee be appointed by the presi

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always to understand the greater luxury of industry. Ex

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a the most favorable to the arsenic viz. those in which it

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modern smaller bullet than that which obtained with

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practice. The latter can never be altogether safe for the

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important and could be readily accomplished by cutting

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directly to the interior of the middle ear. I employ a middle

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clared that only two of them had been removed at the time

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previous to the operation. The bone is somewhat softened by this process

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oftener than once a week and usually a very few local

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tissue or beneath the capsule or both can be attributed to a definitely

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