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through the stick by crossing the hole will preserve you until
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and minor the tngicus and anti tragicus and the transversus auris are
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well conceive that the rite of the liver may determine that
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easily introduced. The patient at once breathed freely and no
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peculiar condition of affairs that attends syphilis or syphilitic infiltra
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The Effect of Sea Water on Sunlight. Leo has investi
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dry paroxysmal and accompanied with little or no expectoration.
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greatly increased reflexes would be sufficient to distinguish the two. The Park
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deductions can only do good by guiding us in further experi
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as a cup over the abdomen. As the vessel cooled the bowel
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tion disclosed a metallic body at the fundus of the orbit
highly creditable as he judged to the metallic practice
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with yonng and inexperienced practitioners and where
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Laennec s description of dilatation of the bronchi is complete
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Cause. A specific poison in the blood not as yet well
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The extent and hopeless character of the disease and
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enough to introduce to my notice I have great pleasure in
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dress before the Georgetown Medical College upon the
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contained in tissue corresponding to a part of the ovary
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and abnormal constituents of fecal matter and the bacterial
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to walk about the room without crutches. She has been
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deny that a curve requiring a more precise measure of a
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more extended market in which to dispose of surplus milch cows.
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plem itic process are as one may readily suppose more exposed to
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observed in poliomyelitis. Moreover bacteria are frequently detected in
the fact that the cervicitis may almost always be overcome.
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ment of these bacilli how it is that the disease under
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between the old and the new systems of wound treatment so
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these flavors. From a commercial standpoint pasteuriza
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odor. In me case death followed choleriform symptoms. Two car
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gan while the solution was still warm yielding the above described

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