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in higher concentration than in cultures lightly inoculated. In our
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Dr. Donaldson I will call your attention to the sec
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Inceptive Members foilowine the regulations in Laws XV XVI u i
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the remaining six cases strophanthus produced a striking
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and yet it is quite obvious that it has somehow failed
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obligations. It is a legal fiction to suppose that a
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the intention being not to remove the thrush as the horse mostly goes
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been by telegraph but Sir A. Buchiman says that he has
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fluences and demand treatment chiefly from local con
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mental Health and Safety DRS the Director Office of Research Safety NCI
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terior gastro enterostomy but some form of pyloroplasty is as successful
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ganism as the bacillus icterodes but there has been no sub
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the layer of granulations which forins or tends to form

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