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pital ship at the Dardanelles. The ship carries six physicians
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my disposal discloses reports of but nine cases of ab
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Treatment. If more than one animal in a herd becomes
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would accomplish and yet within four hours from the time
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carefully until the former bottom of the pit was reached at a depth
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lose this property soon after division until they develop
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thereby directly attacked and agrees that we are not
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rare. Arnold in reported two cases because he thought up
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care it should be assumed that he will understand more or less
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disk. We have had two cases of supposed tumor with death following
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the general equipment and maintenance in full effi
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the degree conferred by the College or in lieu thereof the Board
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tance is by bank check or postal money order drawn to the order
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The chief therapeutic value of this drug is in diseases
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of medical treatment. But being aggravated by a cold the
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The prognosis of old inflammations of the prostate must be very
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tions and subcutaneous injections. Berliner Tier Wochen
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ployment it is among the most satisfactory tests he has used detect
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catarrh is common and is frequently the cause of the accompanying
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The new hospital accommodations in Greenwich are all that
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would be a new and difficult laboratory test. We would
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It is seen to occur but not constantly in parturient paralysis
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the following day he found the opening the size of a
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small hemorrhagic foci. He believes that the resistance of
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but on account of technical considerations it was not felt advisable
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hemorrhage. I do not know when I was more pleased than on
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so transporting at its best as to be styled divine
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also sickness and vomiting which were relieved by hydro
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reported later that there had been no recurrence of the
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composed of globules of free fat in the urine. From this it
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highly organized and complicated substances as serve
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and granular change. Same effect on the liver and kidneys
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in this case is obvious forasmuch as Physiology has never yet reached
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lactate exerted a strong influence in the control of
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orrhages are very common. The mediastinum may contain a
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Lane wlio has seen it followed by scaly and tul gt ercu
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act of generation. The procreation of female children.
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garded as a purely metaphysical concept and susceptible of only a

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