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witli the parts beneath and its situation in the immediate

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taken away witti the scissors and caustic fretly applied. A peneral prac

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useful apparatus in this stage. If abscesses form they

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made practically an uneventful recovery. He owed his life to anti

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institutions which can be utilised in the efficient carrying out of a

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Men soon become individualised and identify themselves with

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Report of the Obstetric Section of the Toledo Medical Association. By Thomas

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ages and both sexes are equally affected. The chances of nephri

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and to report at the next annual meeting. The resolu

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portant Ccivities or viscera no rules are possible we must be

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it is usually an indication that the disease has progressed to a considerable

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tion has always been patent to the most casual observer and it has

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realized what a moral force in society the profession prop

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recline when under examination and then if there be a

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the subject and added one case of his own. In these papers and

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cological Society a committee composed of Drs. Williams

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sheltering wall of foot hills along the West Bay is broken

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their pay of a shilling a day and when the military authori

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blood capillaries beyond a mete trace and that this trace

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and from all appearance there is evidently some soft union

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nefs terminates each period of it. It atFedts women oftener

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realized on the funds of the Association amounted to.. The treasury

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Treatment. Treatment is in most cases palliative but in a few may

buy griseofulvin for cats while our soil is heavy and impervious theirs is as pOTOOl

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For many years it has been a recognized fact that en

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should reject from their code of practice version of the child

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The article is too long to be reproduced here bu the following

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whole or part of one lung. Wide variations ma occur

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tion sprayed into the larynx is very useful. It may also

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not the sole or predominant factor in Addison s disease.

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medicine that I should attempt to answer some of the

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reason for this has been shown above when deaUng with the lile

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his object has been to help in making the immediate operation the

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Midwifery Diseases of Women Physiology Practice of Medicine Materia Medica and Chemistry.

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No feeding experiments were performed with mice and the

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as a cause of phthisis and this idea has seemed to be supported

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ilmic the superior and the inferior maxillary. The loss or impairment of

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