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e ice bag is indicated. Internal haemostatics which may be prescribed are

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was here presented it was imperative to take nothing

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might be followed by sudden death and this might well

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on Laennec expresses the conviction that the operation for

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On examination Mr. Terry found a fracture at the junction of the upper

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result from greater liberality in the supply of batlis

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inhabitants of places on a level with the source of the emanation may

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adhesions while the left was adherent to the fourth inters ace.

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undersigned late customers of the Dairy Reform Company and others

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i ri ily a small proportion recovered but it was also to

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It was upon the above line of reasoning that I con

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ible stories about their sufferings but tlwe stories are so inconsequent

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operation and in three cases only has hemorrhage into

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sand four hundred grammes of serous fluid with a little

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rotating around the promontory and becoming engaged. Tlie position of the

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culosis hospitals or hospital districts ascertain the

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and the tubules themselves being occupied by casts chiefly granular.

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It is with the fifth and sixth forms that we are here

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graded courses of lectures of not less than six months

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up the basic dye and it has a somewhat granular appearance

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continued or typhoid fever. But since the natural history of

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condition to be favorable. Sulphuric acid has been sug

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for a time but later returned when a second aspiration

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have been made with the cheaper alcohol while it is common enough to

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cians to the Pennsylvania Hospital which he attended

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according to Blue have been shown to harbor the Bacillus pestis and

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the usual symptoms of chorea though not with the exaggerated

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or filthy instruments in the hands of gynaecologists. The

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