Pris Keppra

appearance. The left optic nerve is still very much inflamed.
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of acute affections simulating active disease of the brain
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stomach to greater irritation during digestion than other parts
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reported cases out of which number he had then lost
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duration by Hertz previously referred to is not the most extreme.
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brick cess I six hundred feet away there is a fall of
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obser ation of the treatment of plague in the Iaratha Plague
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therefore evident that any point on the side of the
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never left my patient until the hernia was reduced.
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dextrin achroodextrin and true dextrin as well as iso
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The patient who is the subject of this note was a plumber
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the liver or visceral obstruction and that the patient con
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sively with the anatomy or pathology of the hernia.
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en quelque sorte pour susciter ici ou Id un Surville.
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Wednesday I th April. Dr John Playfair one of the Vice Presidents
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of proceeding and to involve the risk of w ounding the intercostal

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