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arms while it sits. It rests the open palms of its hands and

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dressed the types of indoor pollutants their respective

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to which the officers were returned or reassigned after the completion of

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bearing upon the person and the work of this pioneer who

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for the cause of this clot the heart was examinctl when

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anjemic are to be considered. An inquiry as to gouty proclivity or to

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been repeatedly curetted and cauterized to no avail

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by the microscope weeks before. The rapid evolution

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equate but conjointly they occasion this disease. Exciting causes act the

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eficial the operation is essentially one of health. Inhalations

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but if either of these organs is diseased tepid baths

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conditions were present such patients were referred to him

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of the offending officials and this course of action

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tein explaining satisfactorily their filterability by virtue of a

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cough and slightly atridulous breathing in the eleeping child. During

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woman aged who had a tumour on the left side of three

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inflammation but now and then there is an epidemic catarrh which

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growth alone was removed the recurrence was found in the glands

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case with antistaphylococcic serum with a favorable issue.

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more likely to he troublesome than when unassociated

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sensitivity to these agents. Rare episodes ol hypersensitivity reacbons

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Members of Branches are requested to pay the same to their respec

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of filariasis and elephantiasis. In Cachar where elephantia

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in the brain is a resultant of these several processes.

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mofuhs child out of the uterus and depending upon pulmonary respiration has a

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a word the true solution of many of the therapeutic

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committees with the object of enrolling all fit for

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Guelpa also laid special stress upon the importance

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by its means and gt y the new light which tlieir valualjle

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complain of exhaustion in consequence of the almost incessant

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directly at the station from the steamer such a station would not

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City of New York it was stated that in one year there

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give rise to more real discomfort than this cosmetic defect.

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Further it is not rare with the same serum to see one observer

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