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disease. The article thereon is written by Dr. Henry Head
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A very important particular in prescribing the Hypophosphites of Lime and
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Le Boutillier presented A Girl with Unusual Rachitic
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Horses when huddled together often commit fearful injuries upon
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the necessity for segregation and intensification in the handling of these
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the lesion and consequently the neck arms and upper thorax are most affected.
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discrepancies between the facts of clinical medicine and the results
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hole when another girl gave her head a push driving
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carbol fuchsin. Hold over a small flame until steam is given
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about one degree this fall took place about an hour
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formerly although this was not the fault of the medical officers
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the ordinary rubber syringe. Replace the hard rubber
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exinde robur sinistri ventriculi exoluatur in propellendo per
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in cases of inllammation of the stomach or bladder etc.
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bacilli identical biologically with the strain inoculated. When how
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patient knows he has been exposed and recovery not to become
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should then be left open to air thoroughly for a week all
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perfectly recognized in the LTnited States including
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tant ileum that it is subject to ulceration and per
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had as much hospital experience as he cared for and that he had
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In some families the cerebral type seems to occur in certain members and
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The results are distinctive. Comparing the human and the bovine
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occurring in a woman forty eight years of age who had
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foot.. That the disposition to the formation of the suppu
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tioner and greatly confided in by his fellow citizens. Dr. Lloyd
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have begun about the extent and nature of our cooperative teaching efforts.
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quite large. From all sides of the swelling there may radiate
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at the time of report. Marked improvement followed upon
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taking to heart certain lessons. If not from day to day

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