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Chronic Di.vrrhcEa Treatment. The first thing is regulation of

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change of name that substantially wipes out of existence the State

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its exhibition in cod liver oil as a means of ox ercoming

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cachexia. Opotherapy that is to say treatment by liver extract is

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commencement his plan for connecting a medical school

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the puncture for an earring Sachs v. Eiselsberg Jadassohn upon a

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pation etc. appears to have little bearing on the process althou

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From the foregoing very brief and incomplete account

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Differential Diagnosis. Chronic valvular disease can as a

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with difficulty. This was found to contain strychnia. The

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James Finlayson M.D. The Alleged Dangers of Dentition and

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goes through unfiltered. How far away from the site of contamina

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histories of diseases and applying the remedies which

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visible with our best means of nasal illumination and

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hardly be said is not wholly in accordance with the experi

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subsequently at the meeting in London on March. At that

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must believe that the placenta was forced through a channel be

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Trephining for brain affections is daily becoming more general. In fact

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of diagnosis and treatment some of which we have noted which are counted

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lobes results in a sufficient lowering of the median

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Infirmary suffering from a widely diffused eczematous eruption

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similar ratings. Artificial illumination because its

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To make the point a little clearer it is necessary to

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favorite prescription. The use of these salines is not to

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Menopause would be naturally associated with many important phases

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would by their presence or absence clearly establish the differential diagnosis

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ment wotild apply almcst equally well to the other.

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by Candidates for Degrees in Medicine or Surgery before

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tions made by first extracting a vegetable drug with al

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when asked if he thought that I was too sanguine in believing

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From the consideration of these the following conclusions were sug

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An intermittent fever is characterized by the occurrence of febrile parox

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are in the least satisfactory position for they are often

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ache both occipital and frontal patient seeks solitude is

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tube some children will require considerable others

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phia at which place he did not arrive before the th of

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do not persevere in trying to have your patient over

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ease. The frequent periosteal disturbances may be due

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execution of various desirable laws and sanitary regula

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ated near the cardiac end of the oesophagus and I advised

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