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antiseptic precaution. It weighs about grammes. The cortical sub

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and the abdominal tumour could be distinctly appreciated.

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the reserve or supplemental air which can only be expelled by

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specimen was taken last year oflT the south coast of Tasmania

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the bacteria certain rod like crystals of the fatty acids pseudo

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offspring. Since if by vaccinating the mother cautiously during

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tains being covered with bright verdure and pine forests up

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skin conjunctiva and urine has almost entirely disappeared on

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Cushing received after presenting the results leaned to his neighbor in the

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dissolved in a pint of warm water arid this solution contained in a

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wound was enlarged and thnnigh it an exploration was

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index of the amount of pancreatic juice secreted some cases yield

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signs of actual disease beyond a slight bronchitic aflection.

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ith the infiammation and confequent heat of the fkin more ef

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patient assuming the appetite to be a correct guide for the

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ment will vary according as the symptoms of the one or other disease

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During delivery extensive laceration was threatened so

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not and in making statements to physicians and friends of

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laries of blood and render the skin pale and shining.

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The profuse night weating which so often occurs in the course of phthisis

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the ingestion of food and continuing until the contents of the stomach have

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with very severe pains in the stomach of a colicky nature.

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which is inferior to no other pursuit and superior to many

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of the diseased organ and the free venous hemorrhage

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ments of the system they are designed to serve. The

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in physical as well as moral degradation. Dyspepsia

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supplied with this food fail completely to justify this opinion. Mr.

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Properties Stimulant diaphoretic diuretic and carminative. In popular

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them and the readiness with which he adopted them is guaranty of their

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graph it being further from the camera. The rule shown

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Courses must comply with a and c. He will consult each quarter with

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would imply one would expect a typical bruit. In this connection

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ter of the hepatic cells whether the liver is involved.

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significance of levodopa and carbidopa combination

well for us here to review the micrology of the disease in

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