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The table then shows that the diet in a substantial majority
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of the enlarged solitary glands were deeply excavated at the centre.
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honor to occupy the position in this Centennial year. In conclu
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ing and explaining in some respects those of the colleague who
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Dr. Jenks chairman of committee on an inter state medical
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treated was seen in consultation with Dr. Sanderson
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usual I coated having either a bluish white lead colored
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derlying an inhabited district is almost invariably
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had about the same effect in causing a fall of blood pressure before
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Besides the increase in the number of the red corpuscles an increase in
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is nothing special in the symptoms arising from this form
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of this warning which strongly indicates the drift of professional opinion
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phasis should be placed on the observation that despite
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Several of the lesions upon the face were scarcely more than macules with
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to know this in order to form his prognostic and his plan erf
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I stated Gentlemen that patients are occasionally carried off in
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drencephaloid disease gastro inb stinal disturbances and
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tute for Infectious Diseases Berlin admits at the outset
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is now done. Mr. Tait laid great stress upon the last
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safely produced and so long maintained that a surgical
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of language and the result of the lesions of the same.
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It is an insult to the intelligence of this enlightened
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motion or surface play between the articular surfaces.
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terpreted as indicating the existence in the tonsils of a chronic
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out by Held for the apical type of these cells in guinea
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eave it to arbitration under the late law known particularly as
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chevalerte rannene k la plaisanterie et au bouffon le tout entrelarJe d un
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her in charge. The diagnoses of the period of gestation and of the
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every good surgeon considers it all but criminal to make a
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that accumulating material will permit the Committee
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TABLE. Estimates of Incidence fin Californians of Driving
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Dr. Napier then referred to another case of psoriasis in a
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VI. Tenure of Office by Members of the Medical Council
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knowledge of the pathology and treatment of the venereal disease. Yet
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days in order to overcome the reactionary hemorrhagic status and
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Manila buyers of provincial oils are often anxious to ascertain the
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such as those above referred to. If the disease has reached the
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firmary of its present difliculties and guard against a recurrence of
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gate the pain and the next day the left was quite as
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Ooarian Abscesses. Dr. Armstrong exhibited the specimens

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