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counter cases of acute conjunctivitis in youngsters

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to reach it to pass through some thickness of tissue which is

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secretion accumulate the skin can be incised and the drain rein

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himself to have been greatly benefited by rest treatment

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of albumen and deposits a sediment of red and white

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The same could be said of the nervous system the circulatory system

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cent were benefited. In some cases of ulcer operated upon the

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the other will depend upon the relative strength or

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severe loin pain. Nephrectomy was simple and typical

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meet with approval but vaccination never gained a strong foothold

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females in the proportion of to. Aife. Most common bciweea

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which degenerative processes had already commenced or become

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sight into his own condition and was vain and egotistical

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receive the proper care and the scientific investigations

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XIV. Gray mare twelve years stringhalt. Peroneal tenot

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cording to the age of the child. Of these children

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flymptoma. Myelitis acute or chronic and most frequently

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When these marks are more apparent it is not uncommon to find

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for the culture of these organisms. Cultures also grow well when either

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thesia were discussed at the Society of Anesthetists Jan

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and she was weak and breathless on exertion. She now also

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light colored fluid in the pleural cavity several small cavities aver

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be placed absolutely at rest in the recumbent posture. The value of

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that they readily agglutinate so as to form small masses which may

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tity of green bilious matter beside her which she had

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of clinical remark. This affection prevails to a wide extent

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Ijy several eminent European physicians who declined

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faded off into the tissue spaces. These however bear no closer relation

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depth nor even in surface. The inclination to ulcerate was

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variola and they are developed almost siniultaneou.sly

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Anthrax which rarely occurs in hogs is differentiated from

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that as he stepped from the ship that brought him home

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unusually strong virus attacks also the nuicous membrane of the stomach

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that the child is well developed is a considerable factor in

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electrolyte by a non electrolyte. Gies and I found an apparent

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changes in each kind of tissue are best considered separately.

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stances an exact diagnosis of an actual tumor is impossible

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