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much less frequently than is represented. Mr. Erichsen
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tlie undoubted benefits which it yields in excessive effusion in simple
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inferior cerebellar behind and below the cerebellum and a
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We shall only extract the following interesting note
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relatively effective control but I do feel that it is nec
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consciousness is more extensive and more profound than in
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stratagems to which Mr. Eoosevelt objects is the statement that they
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prevalence of phthisis in some localities and its comparative absence in others.
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new disease setting in and have nothing whatever to do with
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present in the tardy blo d stream in the parenchyma itself and
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bury Professor of Physiology in Owens College Manchester and
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the peoj le being made Governor of the State. Whilst he
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One week after he was telegraphed that his patient was
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After complete section of all of the roots of the right spinal
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pected case of diphtheria. The presence of a discharge froni the nose
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infection even in nonpurulent manipulations. If the scar
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pathology with its suggestions for future use better knowledge
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Digestive Respiratory and Urinary Apparatus the Vascular System
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Committee of Council shall annually prepare a statement of accounts
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pleurisy it at least retards the fatal termination and in some cases
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discharge to infection and in another patient suffered from
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Anticoagulant therapy in intermittent cerebrovascular in
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except now and then about the umbilical region. No very
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Prof. E. Andrews gives in the Chicajo Medical Examiner the
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syphilis was a late or tertiary manifestation of syphilis.
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impossible as in cesophageal stenosis or gastric secretory
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digitalis the latter being administered hypKxlerraically
bioavailability of felodipine extended-release tablets with different dissolution properties
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Paralysis of the muscles when expressing emotions only may be due to
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cided. The writer discusses this question with considerable
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Aphasias are common and often fugacious. An aphasia
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it in this disorder. High acidity of the urine is a well
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awakening. The dream is afterward constructed on the
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statim admiseris concipere. We have recently obtained the following
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quently suffered from digestive disturbances acute or
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much useful instruction but not forgetting the main object of
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general practitioner to whom the fates have given a large obstetric
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uvula or anything except the tonsil itself lie mentioned a
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and therein we find another argument for an effective

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