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after due deliberation it had been decided to award the

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joints than his brethren in town The answer was unanimous.

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sources. Three other organisms were used one isolated from a

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of this organism resulted in the production of a serum

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Section V. Of the Anatomical Term Platysma my aides.

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Modified Keidel Tube This is a vacuum ampoule partially filled with

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to the formation of the latter or the calculi are the

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be seen to disappear while at the same time a high degree of

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ously elevated and the anaemia is intense. The condition in fact

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and thus exert a depleting as well as cleansing effect.

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Starting with these figures the physician can then easily

para que sirve tofranil 10

ing paper to prove by statistics recent as well as remote that

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organic strictures of the pylorus all operators had found

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rations followed by a single prolonged and often sonorous inspi

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erally over the body and she walked with a ereat deal

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intercollegiate athletic program. As years progressed

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pulmonary tissue between the wall of the cavity and the chest wall.

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mentioned that when the measles recede when they come out and

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aphorism alvi laocitas cutis densitas cutis raritas alvi densitas.

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composed of large fibrous cells not densely crowded but irregu

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portable do not change their quarters in other words the

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there he was assiduous in his attendance on the different lec

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Cultures trachea many Klebs Lottler bacilli staphylococ

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Georgius Fredericus Bone Barbadensis. On Yellow Fever.

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then had her head shaved eight leeches applied behind the

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two districts showed about the same results as we found among the

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Simple dilatation of the urethra gives good results in cases of pain and

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tion so weighty as no equivalent short of unconditional secu

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Penetrating wounds through the mastoid cortex were not common. In all

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and it may also be produced by external violence for ex

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suggest that this drug is likely to prove of definite

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skin will twitch in different parts or feel numb or have the sensation

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be held in trust until the return of the absent doctor when they

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made strenuous efforts to prevent cholera spreading along the banks

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the ependyma and be part of a serous meningitis p.. If any of

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ing a stenosis of the cervix. Leaving out those cases

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