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been completely excised and I could do that operation

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after the operation all six were cases of inguinal hernia the

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The degree of relaxation produced by epinephrin is not

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and above the anterior arch being drawn backward and toward the

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by this method alone with satisfactory improvement.

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hemoglobin. The hemoglobinuria is further marked by the aplasticity

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to be kept in store ready for transplantation. The tis

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cine is easy. It is the doctor s fault if he does not


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Peak for four hours and no especially bad effects were

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on the other which vary greatly according to the species and

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Onset. The onset may be characterized by a sudden chill or rigor

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a number of relapses and they are more likely to occur in young

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repetition. In starting the five strand braid the first and

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patient on to the menopause for then atrophy of the pelvic organs

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brain and spinal cord. And as it has been shown that the

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ministration of the ana sthetic was the firing of the

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off the peritoneal pouch with a strong silk ligature so that

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and the natural pains of labor the period of pregnancy assisting

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prolonged investigation by Mr. Famall has entailed ujion him. Tho

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He then entered the Medical School of the University of Maryland

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in every case of enlarged glands of the neck as such

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rhoea occafioned by the indigefted aliment. Then the abforbent

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first thought to have been a remnant of some type of ul

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Three days ago his hernia came down and could not be reduced. He

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tea. Thereafter the attacks recurred about every two

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hypodermically gr. j V of sulphate of strychnine and

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spasmodic torticollis but the constitutional symptoms and careful exami

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