Revia Tablets

very prevalent afflicting from to per cent of adults
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bination almost always produced a profuse foul discharge.
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instances in deciding by the examination of a single specimen the
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possible relief of his convulsions. Hj pnotic sugges
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in favour of the malarial character of a disease. Severe bronchial
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fatal although instances of recovery are not rare. I
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spur interrupting the onward passage of the fecal cur
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Upon the whole it appears that all confideration of final caufes is
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fatty degeneration or it may be the seat of chronic inflammation
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ing space in the antrum and middle ear. Such cases naturally re
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curred in jManila as a result of the prompt sanitary
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epidemic form it is of a violent and virulent type
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cause the fever must also he taken into consideration i
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parent scarlatina. Inspection showed however that the
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out their removal will almost surely be followed by a return.
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If fluid forms and is not absorbed it should be removed by
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from unnecessary operations in this field by recom
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hanging down the head and by forced efforts to expire with the glottis
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nerve and blood supply so that the ligaments muscles etc. ire kept in
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Lines of type of different sizes printed on a card
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suffer extrusion from the nerve cell a chromatolysis
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is often extremely difficult especially with subjects
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is involved. The submaxillary and sublingual glands become swollen though
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innammation into the alveoli and the conseauent partial occlusion of certain
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