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do not and of the former many abandon their bandages after they have

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the plan of growth he has laid the foundation of a natural

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acid solution three percent phenol solution or one drachm. of eucalyptol

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head against a cuspidor receiving a scalp wound which healed

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right leg stiffly as though it were wood and he were afraid

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enjoined for a few days. When the scrofulous diathesis is marked

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most of which were lymphocytes. Dr. Carnegie Dickson reports

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vicious attitudes and the irreparable retractions which result from

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reported several cases of laparotomy in which the intes

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ursemia or some other impurity of blood the intoxication psychoses.

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was fitted. AVhen this patient was next seen a year after

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the movements are much slower and the excursion more extended. It

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license or certificate. Said board shall have the power to adopt such rules

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Hardness in the water is either temporary or perma

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My preliminary diagnosis was diffuse dilatation of the crsophagus

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the potential morbidity of infants who from an early period of

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not to tell the patient the nature of his trouble. We

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He has proved himself to be a teacher and observer of a high

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a Dover s powder or other opiate may be administered in small

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Keen first opened the mastoid cavity finding it filled with

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must be confessed that they belong chiefly to the former and may be

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eyes nose throat bronchial tubes and of the larynx tra

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either the drastic curtailment of bombardment and transport operations or in an accelerated

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The preface of a new work is necessarily of interest to

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river on the west side of Charing Cross. One of the landing stages

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has seen children dying from thrush as a primary affection. The

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whole caravans proceed to the forests to gather the leaves

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