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to be desired yet the fact is equally certain that
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cases as possible both in fresh and stained specimens
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pertaining to rehabilitation and convalescent training. This duty was an
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and desk to the size of the pupil occupying it He advocated the
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tardy and not active yet the Lssue has proved that no vital
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nervous exhaustion and functional paralyses of vari
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more inclined to be copious and liquid. The amebae are foimd
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cations for operation exist. Now the first and most
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the pain and is not generally much improved by quinine.
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to muscle tissue and become encysted. A temperature ot
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has receded and the surface layer of the soil has become dried.
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idea and promifed me not to beat himfelf for three days and
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potential of mass air transportation was fully exploited. Until that time the
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warrant adoption. These are posterior no loop gastroenterostomy
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tion fails the discharge of estrual mucus is displaced by the
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everywhere. He thought that more definite work should
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some cases particularly where the orifice is small it is
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colored not painful but elastic on pressure. At the junction of the
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of the literature reports four interesting cases. In each he believes the
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quadratus lumborum lying on the transverse processes of the first
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tion of the anaesthetics of to day from the first crude
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blindness. The headaches vomiting attacks and blindness now con
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branch to surgical science.. s obstetric surgery had
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one of the Surgeons to the Meatli Hospital and County
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made in the sanitary condition of this country during the past thirty years
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fact that it is often so difficult to trace a history
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poetic tissues but apparently any reticulated tissue
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account the atmospheric and seasonal conditions. For

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