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uterus which was firmly wedged in the pelvis. The intestinal
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was considered as a great divine and when a third church
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they are generally understood applied and in fact defined. One
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This clinical picture is that almost unmistakably of
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The justification for this hypothesis may be divided into two
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young colt is capable of learning with equal facility what an adult
dread enemy which was one of the greatest scourges the world
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in such subjects were very commonly found between the pul
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they may immediately flounce into it and fo fave themfelves when their Physics.
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vegetation natural history the diseases particularly those
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which might well occupy the undivided attention of an active
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and the signs of solidification. The affection occurs much oftener on the left
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Charles Houghton aged years has a shallow chest and has
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looking into the mouth he detected a distinct blue line upon
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All the attempts made by Mr. Docknall to obtain redress from
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finds much difficulty in accepting any of the views that have been expressed
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this gauze pad is extended around the ulnar side of the
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doses but with only transitory results. Iodised cotton wool was also
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France has reported five cases of double cataract occurring
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as positive results give evidence of latent as well as of
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fibrous tissue calcareous deposits and other anoma
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the number of licenses has been the basis. Where the clerk of
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he found that this element with its salts invariably caused depres
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fect relaxation takea place. The epiglottis can be drawn for
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urgent from the outset no time should be lost before scari
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of the wall sutlicicnt to cause the circulation to go on
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daily vomiting of bile this mixed occasionally with slight
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possessed by the detection of the specific germ of syphi
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in malignant fevers. Mathiole Comm. states that they con
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the calf carries dangerous bacteria in its gastro intestinal
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frowning skin hot and dry slightly maculated abdomen full
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In cases there was a distinct irritation in the foot.
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Ambrose Pare was the son of a valet many of the men

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