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of Birmingham in studying the after histories of ulcer cases found that

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affected side. In from twenty four hours to a week the

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amphoric resonance progressively ceased and that a dull percussion

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active at the time of conception during embryonic life

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the tropics it is responsible for a great amount of

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neum. Dr. Lyle called especial attention to the meager

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adhesions as much as possible. In abdominal surgery the

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region supplied by the posterior cerebral artery. There may be no

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puerperium unless she has been thoroughly toned up. For the sake

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On Thursday the Committees on Registration of Disease Stat

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solutions. All solutions should be changed as soon as

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dedication of his beautiful work on the Anatomy of the

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present time suffering from long continued laryngeal spasm.

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vvilh condensation of portions of lung ny and other regions farther west

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both sphenoidal sinuses such cases were very rare. He

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subject i.s naturally very largely statistical and he

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medullary cavity determines the necrosis and so with

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mal except for this and the natural inability to grasp

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used alcohol for about eight years excessively for six years

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ally as soon as possible. The fact that clinics are being established

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hardening though a compensatory hypertrophy of the unin

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of the air cells and infundibula as well as entering into

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evils the public suffered from the wide diffusion of infec

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