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acids may be divided into three groups fixed inorganic acids represented

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two cords arising from the lateral and superior parts

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nized in the community where he resides as one of the

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On this broad principle I believe it will be possible

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ages have recognized a mysterious poison that could not be seen or

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ones was very vascular and could easily be stripped ofl. The

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twenty eight days old and one of thirty eight days.

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R. Hertwig has pointed out that this increase in the nticlear mass

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G. A transmissao da febre amarella pelos mosquitos.

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fresne. It is our experience however that with most

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tact vsdth the stomach in such a way that the loop of

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paired and symptoms of obstruction again appeared but

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these spots and a chronic disturbance of endochondral ossification

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digestion take place physiologically each of its phases must be

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for the liver in the case he was describing where he supposes that

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their ower to interest the examuiers in the work of

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frequently made by surgeons to the effect that appendicitis is a common

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In no case where the l ath or fomentations were em

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increases up to a certain period. In other experiments

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ent nor what the matter is. Luckily in most cases the

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an abdominal Cesarean section is indicated. By using proper

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and attendance at the above institutions he proceeded to the

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The exiftence of contagious miafmata in the atmofphere was

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tachian orifices are made patulous by the very act of swal

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of the various bacterial forms cannot be determined

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United States assisting the individual States in enforcing

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lowing the use of glucose by hypodermoclysis there is no

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say of the remoter consequences of his well meant interference. The cur

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and continue without interruption by the Andes of Quiudio

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the drug which requires four to five days and to recover

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of paraldehyde. Although he was a voluntary patient he was

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