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a saturated alcoholic solution of fuchsin gentian violet methvl violet and several

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etc. There is a widespread belief in the mysterious ac

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In a patient with intestinal tuberculosis the tubercle bacilli might acci

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Brewer G. E. Some observations on the use of urotropin in

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upon recovery from the effects of the operation and anaesthetic in others

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the stomach continues unabated the decay of the teeth is

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Tobacco simmered in hog s fat rubbed on for the can

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not to be doubted but that she received the infection either from the

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Dr. Taylor replied that it was not positively known that they

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Roof Gardens on City Private Houses. Some suggestions

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it is the hydrate of turpentine. Like turpentine it has

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and serum albumin. In addition to these there is always

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physician and the rehabilitation suppliers a seminar is to

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ness of the portal obstruction whether the pylethrombosis

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almost complete yet the pupU remained permanently in a

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In this variety follicles are present as before and the lymphatic

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tion of the various forms of sensation the tactile loss being less pronounced

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treme entailing a great deal of suffering. It is most fre

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appropriate signs the rales in such cases being dui

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Throat and Ear Edinburgh School of Medicine etc. With Colored Illustrations

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the lowest grade in which we find it in the species.

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electric spark when passed through rarified Ozonized air for this

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and others. In these individuals the albumin is not al

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But it would not. If the person disregarding it would alone suffer

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Frosted Figs for Dessert. Beat the whites of or more eggs

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is regarded as a very serious mutilation of the body

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tenure of the office of Secretary. John Flint South Presi

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undigested food pass along the intestinal canal irritating it on its

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