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therapy as administered in the Vichy and Aix douches is

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No. Tepid compress on liver one half hour daily. Bowels kept

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tous treatment in the hospital out patient rooms deprives

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statistics show that per cent were completely successful per cent

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During profound morphia narcosis the temperature of

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ployed whether the emetics have acted or not. A thorough washing is

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ment. At King s College Hospital Dr. Johnson uses the

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subjects mentioned for those interested in the recent

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Sweet Potatoes to Bake Moist and Nice. Those with experi

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burg where he practised medicine for several years but after

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gradual production and in small amount the contractile process follows

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by M. E. de Bois Eaymond and others and that in consequence

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Association shall be considered in good standing which has not

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white medullated neives which Gaskell mentioned and which pass from

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